Alternative tourism in Nepal

Alternative tourism in Nepal – alternative tourism definition and destinations

Are you searching for alternative tourism? The Nepal can be considered as a suitable location for you. There are various ways to do it in Nepal. Nepal tourism does not only mean the trekking and mountaineering in the mountains. The diversity culture in the different native areas of Nepal is also quite special in Nepal tour. There are 123 Nepalese languages spoken as a mother tongue and more than 100 ethnic groups of people in Nepal each with their own custom, tradition, rituals and languages. Nepal expanded in 70 meters to 8848 meters above sea level just in between 150 Kilometers huge diverse geography. There are not any other destinations for alternative tourism like Nepal.
Why alternative tourism?
When you tour a place, you have a general plan of the tour. You know what the main thing is over there, which you will inevitably check. However, at this, you may miss the other aspects of the tour the presence of which will make your tour experience quite more memorable.
In Nepal also this kind of tourism will give you an excellent opportunity to know about Nepal in a far better way. It will show you different other interests of Nepal excluding the adventures of high mountains, hill, plain and rivers over here. It will surely give it an unusual aspect. List of possible activities for alternative tourism in Nepal given below.
Alternative tourism activities Nepal
Village tourism in Nepal                   Village stay in Nepal
Enotourism in Nepal                           Agritourism in Nepal
Gastronomic tourism in Nepal         Voluntourism in Nepal
Cultural tourism‎ in Nepal                  Wellness tourism in Nepal
Rural tourism in Nepal                       Geotourism in Nepal
Ecotourism in Nepal                            Water tourism in Nepal
Religious tourism in Nepal               Garden tourism in Nepal
Responsible tourism in Nepal          Extreme tourism in Nepal
Farm stays in Nepal                            Sustainable tourism in Nepal
Adventure tourism in Nepal             Off road motorcycle tours Nepal
Canyoning in Nepal                             Off road mountain biking in Nepal
Organic farm tour in Nepal              Bird watching in Nepal
Rock climbing in Nepal
Home stays in Nepal
As an alternative tourism, this can be a great plan. When you go to Nepal, you surely want to explore the best peaceful natural beauty of the mountains. The beauty of the native villages with the variety of Nepalese cultures is surely the thing that you will want to see. Home stays can surely help you to enjoy all these to the fullest. So, if you want to go to the rural villages of Nepal, then home stays can be considered as the best example of the alternative tour.
Social tourism in Nepal
Social tourism is also deeming to be a good option for alternative tourism in Nepal. It will help you to go through the different culture of the Nepal native villages. Along with getting the glimpse of some fantastic natural beauty, you will be able to know about the native culture of this country, and that will help you to take the tour experience in deep.
You will be more acquainted with the social life of the Nepal rural village people and ethnic people thus you will be able to know about the core of the various communities over here. Nepal alternative tourism can provide you with an excellent experience of the Nepal tour and will show you some of the other ways to enjoy your tour in Nepal. Experience alternative tourism vacations Nepal and give back your effort towards rural communities. We specially focused in sustainable and community base alternative tours any time during the year as per your travel needs and time frame. Please, feel comfortable to contact us for booking and any allied information on the Alternative tourism in Nepal.