Agritourism in Nepal

Agritourism in Nepal is to get involve in sustainable Agro tourism activities Nepal

Agriculture is the main elements of Nepal economy, more than 50% of people engaged in agriculture. Agritourism in Nepal is one of the most popular ways of doing tourism in Nepal to improve the economic condition of rural communities. Agro tourism Nepal thus can surely do a lot of help for Nepal to improve their social status. Tourist can participate in different agro tourism activities at farm at the same time and will get better opportunity to enjoy Nepal in a different ways. Agro tourism recently introduces in Nepal but there are plenty of possibilities on Agriculture tourism. Agritourism in Nepal can be extremely knowledgeable.
Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit to see its natural beauty. Travelers from different parts of the world come in Nepal to show their own agricultural skill in the various agricultural farms of Nepal and at the same time, they also learn about the local farming technologies in Nepal. We practice sustainable agriculture in Nepal are and provide you different agricultural tourism activities which give you lifetime farm tour experience. The travelers will be able to explore the different farms of Nepal in almost all seasons in the year. Agro tourism is the combination of agricultural activities and tourism. You can participate in farming activities and experience agricultural life staying in farm house Nepal.
Nepal is unique place for agricultural tourism because of its natural beauty, verity of climate and geographic diversity. During agricultural tourism in Nepal travelers visit many agricultural farms, can purchase organic products fruits and vegetables. You can participate to celebrate local festivals and enjoy exciting outdoor activities in Nepal. You can able to see the nature, culture, rural lifestyle and greenery on the lap of the Himalayas. At the same time, the farmers of Nepal are getting better chance to learn new techniques for agriculture from the farmers of other countries on Agro tourism Nepal programs. Our immense knowledge and experience on sustainable agriculture field will surely help us in serving you with best possible service and information. Keep your hesitation aside, make a detailed chat and let us guide you into the mystical land of Nepal where you will find yourself encircled with the wonders of nature and aroma of captivating culture of different ethnic group and farming activities in Nepal.