Rock climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal to promote new rock climbing areas Nepal

Rock climbing considered as one of the most adventurous outdoor activity in Nepal. There are plenty of peaks in the Himalayas for rock climbing in Nepal those can be a great experience for adventure lover. Plenty of tourists from all over the world visit Nepal to get rock climbing experience once in their life. Rock climbing in Nepal trip surely will stay in your mind for the rest of your life because thrilling experience will surely be special. We are promoting rural tourism and new rock climbing spots help us to improve to economic condition of community people visiting beyond Kathmandu. Stay at village our rock climbing guide show you and lead you on climbing in new and best destinations.
There are plenty extremely enjoyable stiff rocks in Nepal and climbing those can be extremely adventurous. Rock climbing in Nepal is an incredible experience for the tourists in Nepal. While doing the rock climbing in Nepal, you will also be acquainted with the native culture of Nepal. It will be an extra experience and different sort of satisfaction for you. While rock climbing in Nepal, you will be able to find out some of the most scenic natural beauties of mountains and high Himalayas.
We are collaborating with local adventure company base in Kathmandu to promote hidden spots for rock climbing in Nepal. We will help you with the necessary tools and guidance which will make your way little easier in the stiffest rocks. There are many climbing routes suitable place for beginners, intermediate and professional climbers. You can learn about physically and mentally demanding rock climbing on the stiffest rocks which will surely be a useful and adventurous. Visit the rock climbing areas Nepal, if you want to explore the best possible activities you can do in Nepal email us we are happy to organize as per your requirement.