Enotourism in Nepal

Enotourism in Nepal – exotic wine tourism in Nepal

Enotourism in Nepal is an exotic wine travel where you can take the taste of local wine made my ethnic people of Nepal. Enotourism in Nepal has gained a definition recently when the new tourism developed for wine. Enotourism basically means the traveling done for the best organic wine farms. This type of tourism encourages the tourist to spend their time near wine grower where the wine is produced and stored. People may often get a chance to stay near those vineyards to complete their vacations and their enjoyment as well. The people visiting this place love to taste the herb and fruit wine of Nepal. The production of wine is very interesting. People often want to go and look for Enotourism in Nepal which is the reason that there are many vineyards, and people are mostly involved in making wine.
There are so many organic farms in Nepal growing verity of organic fruit and grains. The areas where we are organizing wine tourism in Nepal activities and trips local produce different homemade wine from the grains. Travelers can enjoy the chemical free wine like Raksi, Jaad, Chhyang, Nigar etc. This is our first experiment about wine tourism in Nepal inspire tourist to visit this area. To take the test of typically made wine by the ethnic group at their home in villages play the great role to improve their economic condition. They produce wine from different local herbs and fruits which give you lifetime wine tourism experience.
The wine tourism allows you to stay near the organic farms of Nepal or the host family houses where you can find vineyards and easily dwell yourself in the sweet smell of wine. Local make wine in front of you where you also can learn how to make chemical free wine in Nepal. The price of the local wine is comparably lesser than that of the imported wines. People come to Nepal to enjoy the beauty of the place. Nepalese wine is an essential part of the place’s culture and gives a great contribution to the economy of the Nepal. Drink local chemical free wine which make in front of you and enjoy exotic wine tourism in Nepal. If you feel the need of any necessary changes to it and information on Enotourism in Nepal, please feel easy to mail us. We will be pleased to assist you on the matter.