Geotourism in Nepal

Geotourism in Nepal – Geotourism definition & destinations Geo tours Nepal

Geotourism in Nepal is a new way to think about travel; it helps to protect the value of destination’s assets, culture, environment, heritage, tradition and Geo tourism play the vital role for well-being of communities. With the aim to protect unique and beautiful places of the world we practice geo tourism in Nepal. During geo tours in Nepal you can directly get involve to address community issues differently. There are more or less 6000 Himalayan peaks that are worth seeing. The mountains are naturally beautiful and very pleasant. Without any doubt, you can say that this is the best geo-tourism tour in entire Asia.
By now, you should know what tourism is; however, now you will get to know geotourism in Nepal is. This involves exploring and going on adventures on all the geotourism destinations in Nepal. In this turn, you will get to discover all the amazing destinations of Nepal that will make geotourism Nepal the best tour in your lifetime. You get to observe diverse geographical characteristics of this magnificent place. During geotourism in Nepal you can observe diverse geographic landscape start from Musaharniya, Dhanusa that is about 50 meters or 193 feet and Mount Everest that is about 8848 meter above sea level. The best part about this kind of tours is that you get to study the geology of the country Nepal very closely and the rural and cultural livelihood as well.
There is no other destination like Nepal to see the wide range of geography, nature, culture etc. You will also get to see eight out ten highest peaks on Earth. Discover the largest mountain range on Earth “the Himalayas”. Do not miss out on the chance of experiencing geotourism in Nepal. All elements of a place’s geographical character work together to create an experience that is richer than the sum of its parts, appealing to visitors with diverse interests. Nepal is the best destination for geo tourism activities, its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of its residents. Please email us for program itinerary and information on geotourism in Nepal please feel easy to write us. We will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.