Garden tourism in Nepal

Garden tourism in Nepal – Discover natural botanical trail Nepal

During garden tourism in Nepal travelers will get awed by the wide variety of flowers and trees that this botanical trail boasts of. Do you know what garden tourism is? Well, this particular form of tourism is a niche one, and it involves traveling or paying visits to the various gardens present in the place of travel or maybe visiting places which have a highly significant and notable position due to its history of gardening. Nepal expands in diverse altitude variation from 69 meters above sea level to the Mount Everest 8848 meters. Due to the altitude variation there are varieties of plants found in Nepal.
Nepal is one of the world’s richest pockets in plant diversity and best destination for botanical tourism. It is estimated that about 7,000 species of flowering plants exist in Nepal. Explore only botanical trail of Nepal and various gardens with garden tourism in Nepal. Recently we made the first agro tourism trail in Nepal. Along the trail planted almost available verity of plants in Nepal; where you can familiar with verity of plants and work in the botanical trail as a volunteer to conserve the environment.
Explore almost verity of plants available in Nepal by being a part of the garden tourism in Nepal. You can see plants in their native environment, visit different food forests, organic farms and botanical gardens of Nepal during the trip. Botanical tourism Nepal is the best options to know about variety of native plants and medical herbs can be seen in the one place. we organize garden tours trip in Nepal; If you feel the need of any more information on garden tourism in Nepal, please feel easy to mail us. We will feel delighted to respond to your queries about botanical tourism Nepal.