Off road mountain biking in Nepal

Off road mountain biking in Nepal – Mountain bike tours Nepal

Off Road Mountain biking in Nepal the mountain areas of Nepal offers unique experience in your life. You can explore nature beauty of mountain areas as well as the Himalayan peaks. Ethnic group of people, diverse culture and their hospitality during your traveling period is not easy to forget. Nepal is not only the paradise for trekkers but also the best destination for mountain bikers. If you look closely at the different places then you will get to know that off Road Mountain biking in Nepal is a wonderful option as well. You will be gifted with beautiful scenery along the way.
Once you start doing mountain biking in Nepal, you will get to know that this is one of the best places for biking. Uphill and downhill both track available for riding. If you are into full suspension downhill biking, then do not be disappointed as there is scope for you as well to adventure. You can find some amazing full adrenaline pulsing trails that are enough to chill you to the bones. One of the best off road mountain biking routes is panorama hill track. It is recommended to go with experience guide to get the amazing experience.
Biking road passes throw rural village and thick green forest. It is not the regular touristic trail you will enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of this area untouched by western culture. You don’t have to bring mountain bike in the Himalayas. You will get bike on hire when you agree for off Road Mountain biking in Nepal. We will arrange everything for off road mountain biking trip. We are organizing Mountain bike tours Nepal come to experience adrenaline rush to the fullest extent. If you need more information and would like to book off road mountain biking in Nepal trip write us.