Farm stays in Nepal

Farm stays in Nepal – Farm stays Asia, Nepal farmhouse & tree house

Farm stays in Nepal programs are the best option to draw you near to nature and enjoy the countryside life for few days. You will get many things to learn and all the natural things around you to fulfill your every desire. This cut off from the busy world will help you to organize yourself emotionally, mentally and physically in a peaceful environment. The farm stays at Nepal are worth spending your time. You will feel totally different after the stay at the foot hills of Himalayan mountain range. All farms are organic you can learn many farm related activities; enjoy natural and organic flavors during farm stay in Nepal.
Nepal is incompatible regarding natural beauty and the farm stays in Nepal is possibly the best thing you can do at such beautiful place. The stays are all near the fields and wildlife so you can experience an entirely different world from your missionary lifestyle. The farm stays are quite popular, and you can book a stay for your trip throughout the year. The reason for this entire year trip is the vast beauty of Nepal. Experience Nepalese, culture, lifestyle and community stay close to nature with Nepal farm stays. There are many activities to do in the countryside. You can stay minimum 2 weeks to 4 – 5 months with host family at farm.
Most of the works at farm are manual you will learn lots of things and see how the everyday simple edibles are produced. Eco farm stays Nepal offers you a chance to understand Nepali culture and live with its people. You will learn about the different communities, ethnic groups in Nepal. These stays enhance the cultural ethics and let you enjoy them with great fun. The stays are perfect for the students or the researchers looking for some touch of nature in everyday life. We are promoting sustainable farm stays in Nepal program to promote agritourism in Nepal to improve the economic conditions of farmers in village. Let’s come to explore village as guests, leave as family. You are always welcome in our eco tourism farm stay program Nepal. If you have any inquiry regarding farm stays in Nepal fell free to write us.