Kayaking in Nepal

Kayaking in Nepal – white water kayaking holidays trips Nepal

Kayaking in Nepal is amazing adventure you should at least try once in your life. Rafting or Kayaking in Nepal is a popular water tourism activity in Mountain Rivers of Nepal. The feeling of white water at the foothills of the Himalaya is more than any adventure in the world you could enjoy. The white water in Nepal will fill you with a different joy. The communities for kayaking in Nepal make you feel this as the best extreme adventure of your life. The activities like camping; exploring the nature, culture, extending your limits is all you learn while kayaking in Nepal.
Nepal kayaking trip will surely be the best adventure trip. If you haven’t tried this wonderful experience, then it’s not sensible waiting one day more, just pack your bag and go for the white waters. The rafting, camping, exploring places, getting diluted with another culture and enjoying the best of nature is all kayaking shows you. Kayaking experience will sweep you in some wonderful and natural dream with the white water all around you.
You have just to decision where to start, and you can simply get many options to eager to make you learn to kayak in Nepal. The prices of the course and expeditions may vary, but you should take help of other groups and share your cost, time and experience with them for better trips and lovely memories. There are many options for fresh water adventure for beginner, intermediate and advanced kayaking course seeker. During kayaking in Nepal you can fell the thrill and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. We organize Nepal kayaking trip lets go to learn to kayak in Nepal. Close to nature and adventure by Nepal kayaking, If you have any more question and confusion about water tourism in Nepal email us.

Off road motorcycle tours Nepal

Off road motorcycle tours Nepal – Himalaya motorcycle tours Nepal

Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning in Nepal – Canyoning in Nepal video and price

For many canyoning in Nepal is a new sport. However, for those who does not know this consist of climbing, hiking, swimming and abseiling. There are many spots for canyoning /abseiling in Nepal. Our canyons trip are design to show the forbidden places of remote Nepal, Where you can get an amazing experience for your body and mind. Let’s go to explore the virgin and most extreme canyoning in Nepal. Canyoning is an adventure sport you will reach by amazing nature walk with the support of guide. Nepal is the best destination for adrenaline seeker and waters ports enthusiast.
Wild and wet experience during canyoning in Nepal is difficult to describe in words. When you abseil down throw beautiful waterfall you will reach the natural swimming pool. You can swim in the crystal clear pool in wild after adrenaline fulled fun all team have lunch and back to village or tent near the waterfall. Our guide brief you about safety measure before start the canyoning in Nepal, provide you necessary gears like harness and helmet etc. You can jump, slide, scramble and abseil as per your interest and instruction. Our expert canyoning guides will safely guide you to some extreme experiences like jumping down a steep canyon, abseiling, propelling down waterfalls. Overall, your experience is going to be wet as wild, and you are definitely going to have fun while doing it.
Each and every penny spent on this canyoning in Nepal is worth the experience. We are promoting remote villages; hidden water falls to generate the income in community. Our experience guides led you to make memorable canyoning trip in Nepal. We also execute training for beginners and arrange essentials of climbing trip. Being a client oriented company; we highly appreciate the necessary changes to the canyoning package as per your necessity and convenience. Please feel easy to write us in case of any doubts and queries to discover forbidden places in Nepal Himalayas.

Off road mountain biking in Nepal

Off road mountain biking in Nepal – Mountain bike tours Nepal

Off Road Mountain biking in Nepal the mountain areas of Nepal offers unique experience in your life. You can explore nature beauty of mountain areas as well as the Himalayan peaks. Ethnic group of people, diverse culture and their hospitality during your traveling period is not easy to forget. Nepal is not only the paradise for trekkers but also the best destination for mountain bikers. If you look closely at the different places then you will get to know that off Road Mountain biking in Nepal is a wonderful option as well. You will be gifted with beautiful scenery along the way.
Once you start doing mountain biking in Nepal, you will get to know that this is one of the best places for biking. Uphill and downhill both track available for riding. If you are into full suspension downhill biking, then do not be disappointed as there is scope for you as well to adventure. You can find some amazing full adrenaline pulsing trails that are enough to chill you to the bones. One of the best off road mountain biking routes is panorama hill track. It is recommended to go with experience guide to get the amazing experience.
Biking road passes throw rural village and thick green forest. It is not the regular touristic trail you will enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of this area untouched by western culture. You don’t have to bring mountain bike in the Himalayas. You will get bike on hire when you agree for off Road Mountain biking in Nepal. We will arrange everything for off road mountain biking trip. We are organizing Mountain bike tours Nepal come to experience adrenaline rush to the fullest extent. If you need more information and would like to book off road mountain biking in Nepal trip write us.

Organic farm tour in Nepal

Organic farm tour in Nepal – Sustainable farm tours Nepal

Organic farm tour Nepal is the best way to stay near to nature. With the increasing pollution, it has become difficult to breathe fresh air and also the organic food is not very much available. The organic farm tour in Nepal helps you connect to the natural peace and enjoy all the natural beauty in the environment. The best thing about these is that these not only give you closeness to nature but also let you exchange the cultural and ethical values of the place. Organic farm tour in Nepal offers the best natural view, different cultural experience, organic farming knowledge fresh food and fresh air, visit vegetables, fields, farm animals and farm activities etc. beside these activities you can go for panorama hill trek which is the first agrotourism trail of Nepal.
There are different ways you can enjoy these tours. You can stay with the host family house near farm at village enjoying Peaceful life without pollution. Sustainable farm tour Nepal is helpful for all travelers, host and nature. You can learn sustainable farming and methods to grow organic crops in Nepal. If you want to internship, research in agriculture and natural products, then these types of tours are very beneficial and effective. Nepal organic farm tours are also helpful in documentary composition and guiding for judicious use of natural resources.
The trip to sustainable farm tours Nepal could be the best trip of your life. You will enjoy this relation of nature to everything around you. Most of the packages offer you to stay in host family house, tree houses or tents depend on the situation and destination. With the calibration of Base Camp Excursion and Himalayan Organic Farm Nepal promoting organic farm tours in Nepal, village stay and village tourism in Nepal to improve the economic condition of rural community. We organize special workshops and Eco events according to your interest and duration of holidays. If you interested for organic farm tour in Nepal write us.

Bird watching in Nepal

Best bird watching in Nepal – Birdwatching tours to Nepal

Bird watching in Nepal can be a great experience. You will be able to find out about 850 species of birds in Nepal, almost 8% of the world. Specially Koshi tappu wildlife reserve in the eastern Terai, Mahabharat and Churiya hills are the best spots and the bird watcher’s paradise. Panorama hill trekking route is not far from Koshi tappu, verity of migrated birds and local birds found in this area. There is a huge presence of green nature and different ecology in Nepal. Migrated and local birds are come for breeding and searching the food. Along with trekking watching birds can be another experience that you will remember here for a long time.
There are dense forests close to villages where you will be able to see different kinds of birds in their own habitat. You will be able to see more than five hundred species of both resident and migratory birds. Panorama hill can be considered as one of the best destinations to see the birds but it is hidden. You will be able to find out eagles, Minivets, thrushes, tits, parrot, warblers, babblers and many other species including endanger birds over here. We are promoting this hidden site for Birding in Nepal where you will get better opportunities for bird watching in Nepal. You will be able to see plenty of colorful and amazing looking birds.
Green forest close to village, wetlands and open fields of mountain region make up a diverse habitat for many species of birds. The Dudh Koshi River runs west to south through this region. During the bird watching tour you are staying at camp in jungle for two three days. You can see so many birds and their sound during hiking and trekking period also. See some of the most beautiful birds on Birdwatching tours to Nepal with us. Bird watching in Nepal can be a great idea if you don’t like to do trekking, or you don’t have that physical fitness or energy. This will only give you an eye soothing experience ready your camera. If you have any queries regarding services and information on new destinations, bird watching trip in Nepal, please feel easy to contact us. We are heartily open to answer any queries regarding the matter. Bird watching in Nepal is an incredible experience.

Rock climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal to promote new rock climbing areas Nepal

Rock climbing considered as one of the most adventurous outdoor activity in Nepal. There are plenty of peaks in the Himalayas for rock climbing in Nepal those can be a great experience for adventure lover. Plenty of tourists from all over the world visit Nepal to get rock climbing experience once in their life. Rock climbing in Nepal trip surely will stay in your mind for the rest of your life because thrilling experience will surely be special. We are promoting rural tourism and new rock climbing spots help us to improve to economic condition of community people visiting beyond Kathmandu. Stay at village our rock climbing guide show you and lead you on climbing in new and best destinations.
There are plenty extremely enjoyable stiff rocks in Nepal and climbing those can be extremely adventurous. Rock climbing in Nepal is an incredible experience for the tourists in Nepal. While doing the rock climbing in Nepal, you will also be acquainted with the native culture of Nepal. It will be an extra experience and different sort of satisfaction for you. While rock climbing in Nepal, you will be able to find out some of the most scenic natural beauties of mountains and high Himalayas.
We are collaborating with local adventure company base in Kathmandu to promote hidden spots for rock climbing in Nepal. We will help you with the necessary tools and guidance which will make your way little easier in the stiffest rocks. There are many climbing routes suitable place for beginners, intermediate and professional climbers. You can learn about physically and mentally demanding rock climbing on the stiffest rocks which will surely be a useful and adventurous. Visit the rock climbing areas Nepal, if you want to explore the best possible activities you can do in Nepal email us we are happy to organize as per your requirement.

Jhakri Cave

Jhakri Cave – Suna Jhakri Gufa Spiritual Caving in Nepal

Witch Cave

Witch Cave – Visit Boksi Odar spiritual travel tours Nepal

Agritourism in Nepal

Agritourism in Nepal is to get involve in sustainable Agro tourism activities Nepal

Agriculture is the main elements of Nepal economy, more than 50% of people engaged in agriculture. Agritourism in Nepal is one of the most popular ways of doing tourism in Nepal to improve the economic condition of rural communities. Agro tourism Nepal thus can surely do a lot of help for Nepal to improve their social status. Tourist can participate in different agro tourism activities at farm at the same time and will get better opportunity to enjoy Nepal in a different ways. Agro tourism recently introduces in Nepal but there are plenty of possibilities on Agriculture tourism. Agritourism in Nepal can be extremely knowledgeable.
Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit to see its natural beauty. Travelers from different parts of the world come in Nepal to show their own agricultural skill in the various agricultural farms of Nepal and at the same time, they also learn about the local farming technologies in Nepal. We practice sustainable agriculture in Nepal are and provide you different agricultural tourism activities which give you lifetime farm tour experience. The travelers will be able to explore the different farms of Nepal in almost all seasons in the year. Agro tourism is the combination of agricultural activities and tourism. You can participate in farming activities and experience agricultural life staying in farm house Nepal.
Nepal is unique place for agricultural tourism because of its natural beauty, verity of climate and geographic diversity. During agricultural tourism in Nepal travelers visit many agricultural farms, can purchase organic products fruits and vegetables. You can participate to celebrate local festivals and enjoy exciting outdoor activities in Nepal. You can able to see the nature, culture, rural lifestyle and greenery on the lap of the Himalayas. At the same time, the farmers of Nepal are getting better chance to learn new techniques for agriculture from the farmers of other countries on Agro tourism Nepal programs. Our immense knowledge and experience on sustainable agriculture field will surely help us in serving you with best possible service and information. Keep your hesitation aside, make a detailed chat and let us guide you into the mystical land of Nepal where you will find yourself encircled with the wonders of nature and aroma of captivating culture of different ethnic group and farming activities in Nepal.